Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry Flooring

Chelsea Flooring offers a range of flooring materials to suit every customer’s needs. We are a proud supplier and installer of parquetry flooring in Perth. We stock a large selection of Australian and imported floorboards in our showroom. Visit us at Osborne Park to see what we have for you and your property.

The Wonders of Parquetry

Parquetry flooring provides different ways to recreate your space. For centuries, it has been a popular option for many builders and property owners across the globe. You can use or create a variety of patterns, such as herringbone, chevron or basket weave to give your floor a distinctive look. Parquetry flooring allows you to use a single species or a mixture of timber species to design custom patterns, as well. The outcome depends on your creativity.

Your Flooring Choice

Versatility makes parquetry a famous flooring of choice for home and business owners in Australia. At Chelsea Flooring, we allow you to choose from a range of parquetry types. Block parquetry is a traditional option with large blocks that complement the overall design of your space. If you’re looking for variations or a more intricate design, we suggest choosing mosaic parquetry, as this type of flooring combines small timber fingers to produce a unique pattern. It is ideal for homes, buildings and indoor sports centres.


Is there any parquetry pattern that you want to replicate? Tell us more about it and we will customise your floors accordingly. We use carefully selected timber species to meet specific needs and situations. We take pride in our fast and reliable installation services.

Contact us if you have any questions about our parquetry flooring in Perth. We look forward to seeing you in our showroom for a consultation.