Blackbutt Timber Flooring

Blackbutt Timber Flooring

Give your home or office interior a brighter and more spacious feel with Chelsea Flooring’s Blackbutt timber flooring in Perth, a commonly grown hardwood in Australia. Its colours range from cream to pale brown, sometimes with soft pink undertones. It features straight grains and has medium and even texture.

Blackbutt is a good plantation timber because of its quick growth and versatility. It’s one of the hardest of the “blonde” timbers, making it a durable option for residential and commercial property owners. Its light colouring complements a variety of furniture choices and makes living areas look more spacious. When used for flooring, Blackbutt timber provides a stunning, bright and even toned finish. It offers good fire resistance, as well. That is why more people are choosing this material for their home or building construction and beautification projects.


Blackbutt timber from Western Australia comes in pale hues, such as gold and light brown. Varieties from Eastern states show less grain and have pale colours with a slight tinge of pink. The variation depends on the growing conditions and the type of sealer used to install the floorboards.

At Chelsea Flooring, we use high quality sealers to ensure durability and achieve the preferred colour or appearance for your Blackbutt flooring in Perth. After sanding your timber, you may choose between a waterborne and a solvent-based finish. Guided by a supervisor, our installers will make sure your flooring will provide the character and individuality your interior space deserves.

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