Wax Facts

The modern Australian home has the distinction of being the environmental standard that the world would do well to follow. This is because every Australian is encouraged to think about their impact on their environment whenever they decide to do something to their property. One of the best examples of this is the use of wax as a stylish finish for floors.

Bringing Out the Beauty of Wood

Wax is an organic floor finish that comes from the carnauba wax of the Copernicia prunifera palm tree native to Brazil. Before the rise of polyutherane finishes during the 50s, wax was the go-to wood floor finish around the world. But, thanks to the trend of using low sheen finishes that most homeowners seem to prefer on hardwood floors such as timber, wax is experiencing resurgence in popularity.

The most attractive part of having a wax finish is that it doesn’t give the floor the appearance of having a finish at all. This allows the natural beauty of the flooring to shine through, and not be covered by the highly reflective sheen of polyutherane finishes. Homeowners will be able to appreciate every grain and detail of their wooden floors, and appreciate the work put into making such quality boards as part of the home.

Using Floors First

Residents can also enjoy their new floors sooner if they use wax for their finish, as the material is able to dry just hours after application. This allows homeowners to inspect and survey the quality of their floors sooner. The minimal inconvenience wax as a floor finish asks of its users is an asset that is good for residents who prefer to waste as little time as possible.

The beauty provided by a good finish wouldn’t amount to much, however, if the floors themselves aren’t up to par. If you want to have a finish that makes guests stare at their feet in awe, the floor will need to be of the highest quality first.

Fortunately, we can help in that department; if you’re looking for the best wooden flooring services in Western Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today, and we’ll work with you on getting the floors that are perfect for your home.

Wax Yearly, Mop Never: Caring Tips for Hardwood Floors

Take proper care of it and the floors can be one of your home’s biggest assets. Left neglected and uncared for with all those scratches and damages, however, and it can be something you’d rather cover up with a carpet.

Keep your hardwood floor looking like a thousand bucks by keeping in mind these important caring tips that are easier to miss than most people would like to think. We understand how hectic it is to look after the house with all your other responsibilities in mind.

Here’s what you’re doing wrong and what you should do instead:

Wax Yearly

Martha Stewart herself reminds us of the importance of waxing your floors once a year at most. This helps preserve its finish and keeps it at its finest. However, if you commit to waxing at least once a year, you should never mop the floors.

But If You Should Mop

Do not use steam mops on your hardwood floor.  The use of water, in whichever form, should be limited to only a certain degree. The heat from steam mops thermally breaks down the floor’s protective layer over time.

Do Not Pour Directly

Now, whichever cleaning method you decide to go for, remember to avoid pouring any type of cleaning product directly on your floor. Cleaning products applied too liberally can absorb into wood, cause swelling and create an uneven look over time.

Other things you should take note of, should you want to preserve the glory of your hardwood floor include the fact that high heel shoes dent hardwood, as do the legs of furniture without protective pads. Avoid dragging heavy furniture and keep your pet nails trimmed to prevent them from ruining the finish.

Chelsea Flooring is the region’s premier provider of quality flooring solutions and finishes. Trust our team of timber flooring specialists to provide you with quality workmanship and stunning floor finish. For natural and engineered wood flooring in Perth, contact us today.

Pet-friendly Flooring Guide for New Dog Owners

Are you planning to get a dog? Then you shouldn’t only think of their food, bed and other basic needs. You need to think of their future home, as well. They’ll need a place where they can roam around freely without ruining the aesthetic of your interiors. A good example is your flooring. With their nails and energetic disposition, you might want to choose a floor that works for both your dogs and interiors.

Install Flooring That Hides Scratches

Hardwood with strong graining properties, like red and white oak, hides dents and scratches better than other types of flooring. Even if your dog enjoys scratching the floor’s surface, the marks won’t be that evident. Make sure that the wood has a less glossy finish, however. This is to avoid the finish reflecting light and showing the unsightly scratches on your floor.

Install Flooring That Withstands High Traffic

If you want an eco-friendly option that’s easily replaceable, then you won’t go wrong with bamboo. This has different styles and depending on the type and brand, you can get the durability you need. Avoid stained and caramelised bamboo, though, as these are weaker and more prone to scratches. Install strand woven bamboo flooring instead since its hardness and stability is ideal for high traffic areas. It may be more costly than other bamboo options, but you’re sure that it performs better.

Install Area Carpets and Rugs

A wall-to-wall carpet isn’t a good choice for your dog. It may be comfortable to lie down on, but what if they need to pee? Unless you’ve trained your dog, you can’t expect them to avoid doing their thing anywhere they wish. An area carpet or rug is better because you can wash and replace it regularly.

At Chelsea Flooring, we want you to enjoy your home with your dog.  Contact us or visit our homepage to know more of the flooring options we offer. We’ll be glad to help modernize your home for your new furry friend.

Oak Flooring is Oak-kay for Your Health and the Environment

At Chelsea Flooring, we always say oak is an ideal material for a classic wooden floor. There is no going around the fact that this timber species come with incredible versatility and durability.

Despite these structural properties, oak is commonly chosen for its timeless beauty, with a colour that naturally deepens with age.

There are many reasons to pick this aesthetically and structurally impressive material. But one characteristic we particularly like about oak flooring is its health and environmental advantages.

Resistance to dust mites

With oak, you can relax knowing your floor is not harbouring dust, dirt and harmful toxins. Carpets are known breeding grounds for parasites and mildew spores, which are thriving in the dirt accumulated in the synthetic fibres. These organisms are massive triggers for asthma, eczema and migraine attacks.

The oak’s surface does not allow for their survival. In fact, with little effort, you can get rid of these allergens and spare you and your family of year-round symptoms.

Conservation of energy and resources

Oak and any other type of wood is the only naturally renewable material used in constructions. And even better, less energy is used up in its production, processing and disposal.

If you have decided on oak flooring, you can go even more eco-friendly and choose engineered timber. This process makes an efficient use of the available resources, with only the top layer manufactured from one genuine species of wood – in this case, oak.

The bottom layers of the floorboard are made of less expensive species of wood and contain thinly cut plywood or softwood. These materials are stacked and glued in a cross-grain configuration to have maximum stability and support for the top layer.

From taking care of your health to helping the environment, there are many reasons to choose oak for next home or office project.

As part of our service, Chelsea Flooring handles the entire oak floor installation process from start to finish. Call us today to discuss your requirements and get a quote from one of our flooring specialists.

Colour Schemes and Designs that Goes with Jarrah Wood

Everyone loves to have that glorious flooring that outlast every decade and home decoration fads. We can’t think of any flooring design that transcends time, except for mix wood systems like Jarrah floor boards.

Let us give you some of the ideas you can do with your Jarrah floors, from different interior designing authorities:

All White Walls

Houzz.com suggests to use the rich sombre red tones of the wood and make it the centre piece of your home decoration. You can do this by toning down your walls to neutral colours, like white.

Rock and Sand

Another classic design from Houzz.com is including rock and sand elements reminiscent of the Outback landscape, which Australia is known for. The warm colours of the Jarrah panels will encapsulate the great reddish planes under the afternoon sky.

Leather and Metallic Tiles

Interior designers recommend using leather wall panels and mirror finished titanium and gold-plated tiles with Jarrah floor boards. This creates a cosy, inviting and warming effect that will make people want to linger for a longer time.

Vibrant Meets Melancholic

Michelle Jarrah Jungle blog gave the decadent floor panels a darker and melancholic hue to the mahogany by putting in purple suede couch and beige features. The adjoining sides were made of a few inches of white to prevent the meeting of dark red and dark grey walls. A pistachio green rug in the centre of the room made a vibrant contrast perfect for the holidays it was wanted for.

Jarrah panel floors never get old and however you want it, it can always give you a surprising and lovely result. Find out more about our Jarrah floorboards and contact us for more design ideas for your home. We can help you in designing, conceptualising and installation of your flooring, and many more.

Australians Should Have Engineered Wooden Floors

Whilst people in other countries have many flooring options for their homes, it’s different when it comes to Australians. Harsh weather and other factors prompt them to choose flooring materials that are stylish yet practical enough to suit their unique situation. For these reasons and more, Australians should invest in engineered wooden floors.

Beat the harsh weather

People need sturdy weather-resistant floors if they live in Australia where temperatures may rise to the extremes. Engineered wooden floors consists of multiple layers of different timber species to increase its durability and resistance against harsh climate. These floors are better alternatives than solid floors, which may warp, cup, swell or split apart due to extreme heat and moisture.

Good for insulation

As the seasons change in Australia, so does the temperature of your floor. People might have to rely on their HVACs to regulate temperatures at home, which may lead to higher energy bills. Engineered wooden floors provide insulation, reducing energy consumption and cost. Thanks to the multiple layers, these floors may regulate temperature and sound.

Safe flooring option

As engineered timber floors consist of different varieties of wood, these retain the benefits of natural wood floor. These are easy to clean so people with allergies and asthma will find them safer compared to carpets that accumulate dirt, stains moulds and other allergens.

Never goes out of style

If solid wooden floors never go out of style, then so does their synthetic counterparts. Manufacturers install hardwood on top of engineered wooden floors to give off a natural look despite its diverse composition. Unlike other flooring materials, these floors are easily customisable with a few layers and coatings to suit your preferences. Households will save more on their floors thanks to its capability to last long and fit the trends.

Floors in Australian homes should be weather-resistant, insulating and safe whilst keeping up with the flooring trends at the same time. Engineered floors meet all those categories, which is just what Australians need. At Chelsea Flooring, we can help find the right engineered wood flooring. We provide a wide selection of top quality engineered timber flooring in Perth. Click here for more information on engineered flooring.

There’s a Perfect Wood for Every Room

We know that you know that nothing rivals wood as the best option for flooring in the house. But every room has its own character, and the timber that can cater to all those characters simply doesn’t exist. Finding wood that can best satisfy the needs of each room requires insight and years of experience in the industry. Fortunately, we’re here to make everything simpler with a guide on which wood species to use in each room.

Getting Hard

The best starting point for this discussion is either the kitchen or the entryway, because of one very important reason – foot traffic. These areas require a wood that can withstand constant abuse and not show any kind of wear for years. This job requires a hard wood that won’t bend or warp from simple weight, making oak the perfect candidate.

Not many wood species can rival the hardness of oak, and those that do, don’t grow in as many places as this member of the beech family. There are hundreds of different oak variants growing all over the world, and each of them provides a wide line of design options to satisfy even the most discerning of buyers.

Strength Through Diversity

The next areas of concern are bedrooms, as well as other private rooms that aren’t meant to get as many guests as the others. Softer woods are much better options for these areas considering foot traffic is no longer a concern. Using soft woods allows the buyer to diversify the style and design of the house to give the private room a more welcoming look.

Nothing is stopping people from using hardwoods in rooms that aren’t getting high foot traffic, but that does limit the choices buyers have at their disposal. Success in wood flooring is all about using different combinations to get the best results in both function and aesthetics. Limiting the possible combinations goes against the best qualities of wood flooring.

If you’re curious about the possibilities that wood flooring can open for your home, contact us today. Our teams spend their days looking at wood samples, and finding the combinations that work best for our clients.

Bamboo Flooring and Tranquillity at Home

Having a peaceful, relaxing home can make a huge difference in your life. With your hectic schedule and increasing responsibilities at work and home, it’s important that you have a stress-free haven in the comfort of your own house.

If upgrades are a regular part of your home maintenance efforts, chances are there is always something new to keep your place more comfortable and feeling alive. Be that as it may, sometimes your favourite decors can look and feel boring after a while.

A great way to transform your living space with ease is to start with the flooring. One of the most popular choices for homeowners today is bamboo, a material known for being durable and easily renewable. As a trusted name in Perth’s flooring industry, we want to enlighten you on how bamboo flooring can make your home totally Zen.

Bamboo Induces a Sense of Calmness

The colour of bamboo has the power to add warmth to a room. Due to the natural look and feel of the material, it can evoke a sense of serenity and provide a relaxed feeling. By installing bamboo flooring in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, you can make your space more inviting. It’s a timeless addition, so you can install the material regardless of season.

Bamboo is Eco-Friendly

Bamboo flooring has a calming effect, creating a tranquil environment in your home. This material also teaches you how to be environmentally friendly. With the increasing pressure to go green, bamboo quickly became a great alternative to hardwood flooring. If you want to build a “green” home, installing bamboo flooring is a wise move.

Improving the look and feel of your home doesn’t have to be complicated. At Chelsea Flooring, we can help you choose the right flooring material that can stand the test of time. Our team has a strong commitment to unmatched product quality and excellent customer service, so we can give customers value for their money. Contact us today for pricing details and the flooring you deserve.

What Makes Engineered Wood Special

The flooring industry underwent different changes through the years as technology keeps making better products and designers come up with more difficult techniques. One of the most popular and useful to ever come out of the experiments of those various transition periods is engineered wood, a technique that celebrates precision and durability.

Wood by Engineers

The method goes by many names: composite wood, man-made wood, and even manufactured board. It involves using different veneers, fibres, particles, strands, and boards of wood and binding them together with adhesives to create composite materials. Our adhesive process includes the use of extreme heat and pressure to bond the different layers to the base and core.

Each piece of engineered wood suits specific design parameters so that they can meet both national and international standards. There are plenty of applications for engineered wood pieces; our specialty, of course, is hardwood floors, which is the perfect application considering the compression the pieces can withstand.

The Engineering of Wood

The top layer of the final product is known as the lamella. It’s usually the most attractive wood of the bunch because it’s what stays visible after installation. There are no set limits to a minimum or maximum number of layers a plank can have. But there are rules on how manufacturers should assemble them to maintain stability.

Each layer should run at a ninety-degree angle in relation to the layer directly above it. This creates a criss-cross effect on the grain as the manufacturers compress the plank, similar to netting. This effect keeps the plank from falling apart, or suffer warping and crushing while under the compression process. The stability allows the planks to adapt to any situation the manufacturers and the clients want to put them through.

If you’re looking for a set of engineered wood products or are curious about how we make them and apply them to the home, contact us today. Our service speaks for itself in terms of customer satisfaction and repeat business. Our teams are also more than willing to share their knowledge regarding hardwoods that work best for any specific home.

Why Bamboo Floors are Worthy Investments

Floors are an investment. If you plan to live in a home for a long time, choose floors that are durable, long lasting, sustainable and suitable for your rooms. Those qualities are reasons bamboo floors should grace your homes.

Easy clean

It’s easy to maintain bamboo floors compared to other variants. An occasional sweep or vacuum is enough to ward off dust and dirt. Clean it with a mop and a bamboo cleanser for better results. Applying coating will protect these floors from damage caused by moisture and hard impact. You’ll save money with bamboo floors, as you don’t need pricey equipment to maintain them.

Easy to get

The materials used for bamboo floors are easy to find. You don’t need to pay extra for importing these materials, as most manufacturers have these in their inventory. Costs are insignificant when you consider the quality. Bamboo floors are easy to install, as well. You may even do it yourself to cut costs.


Bamboo floors consist of natural materials, making them safe and viable additions to your home. You’ll help the environment by patronising bamboo floors, as well.

Long lasting

Bamboo floors are durable materials capable of withstanding spills or hard footfalls. It will take years before you replace them with proper maintenance.


Flexibility is another benefit of bamboo floors. Put them in any room and they won’t look out-of-place. These floors add class and refinement to your homes. Apart from that, bamboo floors make a room look warm and inviting. Regardless of the time or age, these floors are sure fit for homes and offices even.

Chelsea Flooring provides quality Australian and imported timber floorboards in Perth. We handle everything from supplying to installing excellent flooring solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our array of flooring solutions will bring out the warmth, character, luxury and style of your interiors. Contact us for more information about flooring solutions for your homes.