Welcome to Chelsea Flooring and Floorboards Perth!


At Chelsea Flooring we are not the cheapest timber flooring company available, however when you take into account the appearance of your finished wood floor, the hassle free process and the quality of our timber floors and installation workmanship, we do believe we offer the best value.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Chelsea Flooring For Your Timber Floor

  • 1. Clearly Explained & Honest Advice
    from the glues, moisture barriers to the coatings and the timber itself. For example we only buy our timbers from timber mills that have an extensive kiln drying process to ensure the correct moisture content for the timber. If the moisture content is too high then your floor boards can shrink and warp as they dry out and if the moisture content is too low they can absorb atmospheric moisture and expand. Cheap timber is inevitably produced by timber mills that take shortcuts to the treatment of their timber – that’s why the timber is cheap. In addition to using quality timber products, we also only use Selleys glues, Sika moisture barriers and the market leading Bona coatings.
  • 2. Ethical and experienced advice
    Backed by our company philosophy of total honesty in all our dealings and our team’s extensive experience in the Timber flooring industry, you can be confident that you are receiving the right advice for your requirements.
  • 3. We meet our promises
    whether it’s getting a quote back to you within 3 days, getting the job installed by the promised date or in the rare event that you may have a quality concern, prompt follow up (within 2 days) and resolution.
  • 4. Fulltime installation supervisor
    We are one of the very few timber flooring specialist that employ a fulltime Installation Supervisor. This helps ensure that your job will be completed on time and that the workmanship meets our high quality standards. It also means that in the event of a quality issue you have one point of contact and are not left trying to get the installation subcontractor and timber flooring company to agree as to who is responsible for resolving the issue. In other words the buck stops with us!
  • 5. Experienced Tradesman
    As part of our focus on excellence we have a rigorous hiring process for our tradesmen. Our tradesmen have at least 5 years industry experience and take pride in their workmanship and professionalism. You can have confidence that your floor will be installed to a high standard and that the site will be clean at the completion of your job.
  • 6. Chelsea Flooring has been trading since 1998
    It’s an unfortunate reality that we have seen many competitors come and go (and then reappear) from the industry. When this occurs customers with current orders usually wind up losing their deposit. You also want peace of mind that if, for any reason you have a quality issue in the future, that the company that sold and installed your floor is still in business.
  • 7. Preferred supplier and installer to over 100 of Perth’s top builders
    Chelsea Flooring is trusted with the timber flooring needs of the Wesbuilders Co-op, a group of over 100 of Perth’s highest caliber builders.
  • 8. 6 Year Product & Workmanship Warranty
    All our work is covered by a 6 year product and workmanship warranty. Specifically what that means is that any quality issues within 6 years of installation will be fixed at our cost (including materials and labour).